A wee visit to Brodie Castle

It’s very easy to look around old castles and houses without a guide and simply marvel at all of the paintings, furniture and rather expensive looking objects you worry about knocking over with your handbag. The only problem is that making up your own tales of who someone was in ‘that painting over there’ is probably relatively dull compared to the reality of who that person actually was. This was most definitely the case at Brodie Castle in Forres. A place that is brought to life by guides who are passionate about this wonderful place.

The castle was built in 1567 and is only 40 minutes away from Strathallan B&B in Grantown. It takes in some lovely scenery along the way too. You can only view the castle with a guide, which was a fantastic experience. (This is coming from someone who shies away from guided tours.) Our guide had the most amazing knowledge of Brodie Castle. Ask them about the spooky picture of the lady in white in the dining room. There is also a piece of clothing in the house that Queen Elizabeth II wanted to purchase for her jubilee…only to be told that it wasn’t for sale!

There are walking trails around Brodie Castle and at the right time of year you can see a wide variety of daffodils (Cultivated by the Brodie family). There is also a gift shop and café, but for something a little different I would take the 15 minute drive to the Bake House Café in Findhorn, to grab something cakey and then explore the long sandy beach on Findhorn Bay. Bliss!

Brodie Castle opening times vary, but during the summer the average opening times are between 10 am and 4pm. Be warned that they do close for winter and sometimes for the odd wedding too.