The Ewing family shortbread

It may seem a little odd dedicating a blog post to shortbread, but for me this delicious little biscuit symbolises family and makes me feel closer to the people I’ve lost over the years.

You see, we don’t buy shortbread for our rooms in neat little packages from a production line, me and my mother bake them. Their sizes vary, some may have a wee more dusting of sugar on them than others, but they all taste delicious and we offer them to guests in all of our rooms.

The recipe for our Ewing family shortbread dates back to the early 1900’s when my father’s family would bake them for certain occasions like birthdays, weddings and even funerals too. He remembers his grandmother making them, while he sat in the corner of the kitchen waiting for the shortbread to finish baking so that he could grab a piece…if he was allowed!

He can still describe the smells in the kitchen, the sound of his grandmother wrapping pieces of shortbread up for him and his sister in parchment paper. She’d tell wild tales as they sat there starry eyed. Enjoying their buttery and crumbly shortbread. Even today my dad seems to drift off into a daydream when he’s eating our home made shortbread.

His mother continued the tradition of baking the Ewing family shortbread. I didn’t have the opportunity to meet my father’s mother. She died very young, just a few months before I was born. But she passed on the recipe to my mother who has baked it for our family and friends ever since. Now it is down to my mother and me to continue making the family shortbread.

It is important to us here at Strathallan B&B to make you feel welcome and at home while you’re with us. That is why we bake the shortbread for you. So, when you are sitting in your room, sipping some coffee or tea and eating the shortbread, you are sampling something special. A recipe with memories that span generations, made by us for you, because you are part of the family now.